June 18, 2012

prove to me that you're not dead and gone

so I'm pretty excited about this recent DIY I did! about a month ago I picked up these shorts at a thrift store. I cut them a little shorter and worked on the fraying but they sat in my drawer for a while because they seemed a little boring. a couple of days ago I bleached the entire left side. Probably the most unique pair of shorts I own, and barely cost me anything :]


  1. Hey lovely, just came across your blog from Nadia's and think it's absolutely lovely. I'm looking for some new blogs to follow so if you'd like maybe we could follow each other? Mines www.elly-vickere.com
    Leave a comment if you decide you want to :3


    1. Thanks so much! And I followed you, you're a really great singer ^-^

  2. I love this! Hyped your outfit on lookbook too

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  3. My favorite are short shorts and micro mini skirts or dresses, but those were forbidden to wear them at school in France now ! Love your style again !

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    1. it's alright, I appreciate your comments!