September 19, 2012

another misread lullaby

I haven't had a chance to post in about a week and a half! I've been very busy. But I'm gonna try and get right back into it :]
so I'm in LOVE with my new jacket! I've been wanting a bomber for a while and I finally found one that fits good and wasn't too expensive. It goes with everythingggggg I own.
and I plan to do some thrifting this weekend.. I need new things but I don't have much money! I'll probably go alone but I'm alright with that.

I hope you're all having good weeks~


  1. I hyped your look on lookbook, which lead me to your blog.
    I love your style, check out my blog and maybe follow for a follow?


  2. This outfit is so cute! Lovely blog now following :) xo

  3. Great combination again, so lovely and cute ! ♥