October 29, 2012

shopping and DIY

I took a very short shopping trip yesterday.. just picked up a 
sweater and belt from H&M!
aside from burgundy, I really love a dark teal color
I've been looking for a cardigan in that color
and I found this one! I've got a new look coming up with it...
seeing as I don't have much of a social life anymore,
I've spent my weekends doing little projects like painting and such.
I took this empty tea box (my FAVORITE kind of tea)
removed the top, sealed the whole thing with mod podge and now
it holds my makeup brushes! it's cute and very handy.
quite a while back, I found this vintage Ralph Lauren shirt at a thrift store..
I've been so lazy about getting around to altering it..
hopefully I'll finish the sewing today if I find the time!
I definitely plan on posting some new looks this week if the weather isn't too 
terrible... but I have a feeling it will be. 
But I'll try!

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