October 14, 2012

sunday shopping

here's the items I bought while shopping today :]
I'd say I got quite a good value, all these things for not a terrible about of money
I got these wonderful velvety boots from h&m
some little gloves from h&m and forever 21 since it's getting chilly out
a patterned kirra skirt
a black sweater from h&m and a lavender one from forever 21
I've been wanting this bullhead red denim vest for quite a while and today
 I got it marked down from $40 to only $15!
I also got this set of sliver rings, some tights, and some socks
I've always got to look for good deals because I'm too young for a job and I pay for all of
my own clothes! but I'd say I did quite well today :]
I'll probably have a few new looks this week~

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