November 9, 2012

photography contest

just thought I'd make a short post since I'm not quite ready to post my new look!
today I turned in my entry for the photography contest at the school..
though I have so many people who believe in my work,
I'm still really nervous.
After already having won freshman year, I've set the bar really high for myself 
already. crossing my fingers!
here's my photo that was one of the winners last year..

let me clear my lungs
and this is where it is at school!
ignore the giant Pepsi bottle in my hand...

anyway, I figured I'd share a few of my entries this year!
I entered a total of sixteen photos..
these are just a few of my most recent photos
that I happened to enter!
hopefully at least ONE of my photos is worthy..
if you want to see more, click here :]

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