December 11, 2012


(DIY pocket jumper, H&M skirt, velvet boots, Anthem Made beanie)

well I haven't done a look in a while!
I would've, but the weather has been dreadful the past couple weeks
it was dark and cloudy today and I couldn't even try and do a look last week because it was raining.
but anyways, this past weekend I took a piece of my favorite fabric
and made a little pocket! the sweatshirt was very cheap from Target and it's sooo soft.
I love pieces that are cute, yet comfortable so I can't wait to wear this.

I've got semester exams coming up next week, so I probably won't be posting a new look seeing
as I'll look dreadful and I'll be busy studying...
but then I'll be on winter break! and there's a large Urban Outfitters box sitting in my house,
so you'd better believe I'm already dreaming up some new looks
for after Christmas!

for my international friends, how's the weather where you are?
and would anyone want to see a tutorial of the pocket jumper?
(it's really quite simple, you could probably figure it out yourself ahaha)


  1. Love all the notes of burgundy in this outfit. I'll be on winter break in a week too! Cannot wait :)

    You've got a lovely blog here, very sweet.

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