January 25, 2013


(Eddie Bauer scarf, Target cardigan, PacSun skirt, Forever 21 boots)

I've been really sick these past few days
I've got some virus along with laryngitis, so my voice is very quiet and raspy...
I actually wish my voice was always like that, minus the pain.
every day I kept asking myself
why did I come to school? why didn't I stay home? why don't I go home now?
I'm not really sure why I went anyway, I don't really like school
but I didn't want to do make-up work either.

anyway,  hopefully I'll be spending this weekend getting better
normally I like to be productive but this virus has been pretty dreadful.
also, I don't get a lot of feedback from readers but
I'd love to know what you want me to write about in my blog posts!


  1. You are amazing!!
    It's so lovely outfit!!

    1. thank you! it wasn't really warm enough for the weather though haha

    2. Please be careful not to catch a cold!! (v^ー゚)