March 20, 2013


(LOFT tank and cardi, CR skirt, H&M belt)
today is the official first day of spring, but it sure doesn't feel like it
the temperatures are just dwindling around freezing where I live
and it's still feeling quite wintery.
the day was still somewhat enjoyable because we had an early-release day from school
I came home and drank coffee and cuddled my dogs
until I got the motivation to shoot a look.
I've been in a love-hate relationship with this skirt ever since I got it
I love the color and it makes me look tall (which I can assure you, I'm not)
but it's very thin so you can't tuck anything into it.
normally I'd opt for a crop top, but the one I wore today was part of a recent look of mine
so I wore a scrunched-up tank instead (those aren't fat rolls, I swear).
I guess I can't complain too much since I got it for a bargain - about $13 if I remember correctly!

happy first day of spring.... sorta


  1. Beautiful look! I love the boots. ;)

  2. skirt is great! like your outfit" Would like to follow each other on GFC, FB, Twitter or Bloglovin?

    have blessed day!