May 8, 2013


(Urban Outfitters top and sandals, CR? skirt, H&M belt)

lookin extra pale in these photos mmmm
anyway, I finally got some sandals so I can do proper spring looks.
I mean, doesn't black and gray just scream spring?!
the tag says this top is grey but I think it looks slightly purple, maybe it's just me
but purple is my favorite color and all the purple flowers seem
to be blooming!
it's strange how colors seem to bloom at once.
first it was the white and yellow flowers
then the pink, and now the purple.
I definitely prefer spring over summer because everything is green in summer
but during spring, there's lots of different colors which makes for more
interesting photography.
not to mention summer is humid and you can just imagine what that means
for me and my hair. ugh.

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