June 6, 2013


(basic bandeau, H&M belt, thrifted skirt, Nordstrom bag, Urban Outfitters sandals and sunnies)

after my last day of exams, I went thrifting
for a girl my size, it's hard to find things at the thrift store that are small enough for me.
luckily, I have some sewing skills. I found this skirt and just about the only
thing it had going for it was that I loved the floral print. 
it was big enough to fit at least two of me in it and the midi length isn't flattering for my height.
I took it in and hemmed it and I'm so happy with the way it turned out :]
I've got another skirt I have to alter as well, but it'll be
more of a challenge. I'll do a before/after of that one, too!

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  1. sewing skills are always handy! You look wonderful ♡

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