August 13, 2013


back to school... back to drool?
maybe, but I can at least get excited for the first couple weeks of school because there's no pressure yet.
so I figured I'd make a post about the stuff that I bought! I'll do it in chronological order.. just because I can.

 these 3 items are all from the thrift store
the first is a skirt but I'm just showing the fabric because it needs lots of alterations
the skirt and top were $2 and the dream catcher earrings were just $1

yesterday I went to the shoe store and got these Pink & Pepper boots
my must-have item for fall was black ankle boots and I was so excited when I found this pair
at a price I could afford.

there's a skirt I had my eye on but they didn't have my size, so I'm going to keep looking for it!
crop top was ~$10, the sweater was ~$20, and the belt ~$8

the crop top was ~$25 and the jeans were ~$55 
although if you're planning on going there, PacSun is having great BOGO deals on jeans.
I like these ones because they're blue in front and black on the back, so they're unique
plus, they fit perfectly and aren't too long, which is rare for me!
find them here.

Forever 21
I never thought I'd buy leggings, but these were cute and SO comfortable. find them here.
my black circle skirt has been worn to death, so I picked up this one. I see it as a mock to the
American Apparel denim circle skirt, but for much cheaper. ~$13
find the headband here.

finally, I went to Loft because my mom likes that store. 
this top was on sale, plus an extra 40% off
and you can find it here.

I know these posts seem long, but I hope somebody enjoys them!