January 28, 2014


my motivation for fashion blogging comes in waves
although the main reason for my absence is because I live in the northern U.S.
and it's been waaaaaayy to cold outside to take pictures!
I haven't found a place in my house where I could do it, either.
but anyway, here's a little update from the past couple of weeks.

January 13th was my 17th birthday.
I got a few small items as well as an iPod touch, so I have Instagram now! 
(if you want to follow, there's an Instagram icon in the sidebar that you can click on)

as always, I'm doing lots of my photography.
if you click on either of these photos you can get to my Flickr, but a better bet would be
to 'like' my Facebook photography page here

I haven't really done any shopping since Christmas,
but I did get new Docs for myself yesterday! they're the Mono 1460's I believe.

the temperatures are in the negatives today... so cold that I didn't even have school!
but hopefully I'll find some opportunity to do a new look soon.


  1. Where in the US are you from if you don't mind me asking? I am from utah and I don't really like it here. I used to live in Orange County and the Bay Area (both in CA) and I loved both places way more. Hopefully I can move back someday...

    Anyway - I loved all the looks in your look book! I have very similar style to you. I'd love to see more from you to get inspiration 😍

  2. Such a lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always!