June 18, 2013


(Brandy Melville dress (similar), vintage belt/slip/bag, Urban Outfitters wedges)

sometimes I come up with the best outfits in the spur of the moment.
this one took me only ~5 minutes and I really like it!
hopefully I'll have an opportunity to wear it in the near future. the only trouble is that
I have to make sure the rest of the slip is hidden because it's navy blue.
this is a whole lot of vintage in one outfit- and all of the items used to
belong to my mother. 
another thing- I'm trying to wear wedges more often and not just let them sit in my closet.
I can walk in them just fine, and I'm really short
so I'm not really sure what's held me back.

p.s. how cute is this shot of my dog? he always wants to join me on my photoshoots

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