July 10, 2013

new jewelry update

I haven't really been using my lookbook or blog much lately for multiple reasons:
first, I just have a lack of motivation for EVERYTHING. I need to work on that.
second, I went on a week-long trip to visit colleges and didn't get pictures of any of my outfits.
third, the weather this past week has been awful, but it's supposed to turn around tomorrow.
I'm going to try to get back in the routine of doing looks
as well as general photography because I've been awful about that.
anyway, I figured I'd update on the jewelry I've gotten this summer.
somehow, I seem to have come by a lot of new jewelry for various reasons you can 
read about if you'd like...
 I bought this owl ring while at Comfest (local community festival). I visited a vintage/recycled fashion
tent and found this ring for $5. 
 if you've read my blog in the past, you might know of my connection to Stella&Dot. earlier
in the year, my mom and I hosted a trunk show and finally used
our hostess credits to pick out our own pieces. I didn't have any gold rings, so I was looking for one. I'm in love with this because it's adjustable and I think the feather is so cute. you can find it here!
if it isn't pretty obvious... these earrings are Zambian coins. last month my brother came back from a semester in South Africa, and he got these for me on a short trip he took to Zambia. 
this necklace was another Comfest buy that I'm in love with. It's a skull carved out of a piece of amethyst. the only thing that would make it better is if amethyst was my birthstone. anyway, the business who sold it to me has an Etsy so if you like this, you can find more stone and hemp jewelry here.
I was incredibly excited when I won a giveaway for one piece of jeweley from Chic Peek. I picked out this bone necklace from the brand Wildfox, which is kind of a dream to me because I've only dreamed of owning pieces from Wildfox! I also had a very positive experience with Chic Peek, my order came quickly and with two drawstring jewelry bags along with a postcard with my name on it. I highly recommend ordering from there if you want jewelry for a good deal. you can find this necklace here!
this is another of my pieces from Stella&Dot. I've been getting into gold jewelry and this necklace is incredibly delicate and light, yet unique. you can find it here.
this is my last piece from Stella&Dot. I debated whether to get this or not because I think as a small girl, statement jewelry can be overwhelming on me. however, I tried it on and I really like it! I'd give you the link but I bought it on sale and it seems to have gone out of stock.

if you actually read all of this... thank you. though I doubt anyone will.
and I hope you're having a good summer!

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